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Apply our cutting-edge code analysis, data science, and automation to boost your Java modernization projects.

We created an innovative platform for businesses that need to modernize their Java applications and transform them into microservices. We want to help you get out of your analysis-paralysis situation with our truly transformative automation platform. Using the vFunction platform to modernize your application you get the most out of the cloud with a genuine microservices architecture, regaining engineering velocity, achieving real elasticity and reducing cost.

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The Challenge

You spoke, we listened

Many enterprises and ISVs rely on legacy Java monolithic applications to run their businesses.

These applications require maintenance, changes, and enhancements. Over time development velocity goes down which reduces the enterprise’s ability to innovate and compete. Extracting and refactoring parts of the application to restore the development velocity is the optimal solution. Modernization is currently a manual process, extremely resource and time-intensive, with no effective technology to accelerate it.

The cloud, any cloud, provides more value the more one modernizes.

Lifting and shifting applications yields only limited benefits. Re-platforming can reduce some cost. However, refactoring the application, by extracting microservices is where the real benefits of the cloud come into play: elasticity, increased development velocity, and reduced cost.

Transforming your Java monolith into microservices is something you need to deal with, whether you are migrating to the cloud or not.

Enterprises have 100s to 1000s of Java Applications

These monolithic apps need constant maintenance

Changes are slow and too impactful

Over time, development velocity goes down and release cycles get longer and longer

Modernization projects are expensive, manual, lengthly and risky

Our Approach

Modernization is inevitable

Microservices architecture offers many advantages over traditional monolithic architecture that result in increased developer productivity.

By modernization, we mean transforming your application into containerized, distributed, domain-aware microservices. This allows your team to accelerate its engineering velocity by developing and deploying each service independently, as well as increase your infrastructure utilization and deployment efficiency by leveraging orchestration technologies like OpenShift, Kubernetes or others.

vFunction app

Advantages of microservices include:

The Ability to Update Services Independently of Other Services:
Because the services run independently of each other, development teams can make code updates once they are complete without having to coordinate and schedule updates with other teams.
The Application Stays Up & Running as Code is Updated:
With microservices, a change does not require the entire application to be redeployed resulting in less disruption for users and the business.
Better Application Resilience:
Failure of one service does not cascade to other services failing and thus taking the down the entire application. A side benefit is that engineering teams are better able to isolate issues and find faults.
Developer Teams Can Use the Technologies of Their Choice:
Each service is built on a separate code base which allows development teams to use the tools and technologies of their choice resulting in a better developer experience and preventing lock-in. The ability to use a mix of development technologies allows microservices to also be called a polyglot architecture.
Greater Efficiency, Scalability:
Unlike a monolithic architecture, specific services, as opposed to the entire application, can be scaled-up and scaled-down as needed. This allows customers to dynamically provision resources for only the services they need resulting in lower infrastructure cost and utilization.

The vFunction Platform

vFunction is a modernization platform for developers and architects that uniquely combines dynamic and static code analysis, data science and automation.

As soon as the platform starts to learn the running application, it surfaces the interdependencies within it. It is then able, using AI, to analyze and identify services that can be separated as microservices from the application. The platform then automates the extraction of these services into containers – all within hours.

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Automatically analyze your monolith and identify services to split and scale


Map service dependencies within your application with an intuitive UI that makes the experience clear, valuable and engaging


Gain service-specific visibility into database table access


Automatically map external-dependencies, such as 3rd-party libraries, for each service.


Identify similar services across different applications for re-use

The Landscape

Modernize. Today.

We're not being dramatic, we're being honest. All the research into the current monolithic application landscape tell us that things need to change. And we are here to facilitate that change.


of CEOs will have digital transformation at the core of their business strategy*


of IT spending is on maintenance projects*


of apps will be lifted and shifted and/or modernized in being moved to a cloud platform**


According to Peter Marston at IDC, about 40% of organizations either have set application modernization as their top IT priority or they will within the next three years

*Red Hat Inc. 2018 research

**IBM 2018 research


of workloads not in the cloud and not cloud native

App modernization is #1 enabler of cloud adoption

There is no effective technology to accelerate modernization

21 billion*

JVMs in the world, mostly on premise, monolithic

* Source: Oracle 2017

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Who you are

Chief Architect / CTO

You knew this day would come...your application is too complicated to maintain. Your business counterparts are frustrated, you can’t deliver features fast enough. They feel the business is falling behind, and all because of the application's legacy architecture.

Maybe your CEO or CIO has decided you need to move to the cloud. You need to shut down the data center by a certain date, but you know that just “lifting-and shifting” the apps won’t yield any savings. Moving a monolith that doesn’t scale out very well, will require large and expensive machines in the cloud.

You run the risk of getting a “sticker shock” when the cloud bill arrives. You know that only transforming this old architecture into cloud-native will allow you to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits: smaller machines, elasticity, pay-as-you-go...Serverless…all the good stuff.

Fortunately, vFunction is here to help. With the vFunction platform, you can quickly assess your Java monolithic applications and start extracting specific services as microservices that can be deployed separately.

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You are tinkering with the idea of taking matters into your own hands and actually showing your manager you can extract a service from the monolith and create a modern microservice out of it, that works.

There aren’t really any good tools to help you understand where to start and which constraints you’ll need to address, and then actually extract that service you want to split from the monolith.. Except...vFunction can help you do exactly that.

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Systems Integrator

Your clients have these legacy Java monolithic applications. They have already realized that modernization is inevitable. They want to engage with you on this project. You know that you will need a few weeks of brainstorming with the client to understand the applications, what services can be extracted, how complicated that would be, where to start. And then...once you start the project, we are talking about 12-18 months of tedious effort, diving into an unknown code, and eventually going through a risky migration.

Most of this is a manual process...maybe you can use some static code analysis tools to get a rough score of the application’s complexity. Maybe you can use some APM tools to help you understand some of the flows and CPU consumption of some services. These tools don’t quite cut it, but what else is out there?

vFunction can identify the services for you, their entry points, interdependencies, and then actually automate the extraction of those services.

We partner with Systems Integrators around the world to accelerate their modernization projects and reduce cost.

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vFunction is the only platform purpose-built for modernization of Java applications. By combining dynamic and static code analysis, artificial intelligence and automation, vFunction is able to transform any monolithic Java application to working microservices.

Accelerate your journey to a cloud-native architecture with vFunction, today.

About Us

Founded in 2017, vFunction was conceived to revolutionize how businesses go about modernizing their applications.

In a world where cloud computing and technology are advancing rapidly, we saw businesses falling behind.

Outdated legacy systems and a lack of efficient monolith refactoring options cause huge inefficiencies.

We brought our unique expertise to transform clients’ ability to modernize their core business applications.

Our Lead Investors

We are proud to have partnered with top Silicon Valley investors, some of which we have worked with in the past, who share our vision as to one of the main enablers of cloud-adoption: the transformation of legacy applications to cloud-native architecture.

Engineering Capital
Shasta Ventures
Zeev Ventures
Khosla Ventures

If you face the challenges above, get in touch. The vFunction platform can vastly accelerate your modernization journey.


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